The Carousel Horses

It’s the day before tech begins and I sit in the auditorium working on the program as two young ladies paint.  Stage crew has already ended, but they paint on.  This has been the case for the past week now, painting long after the rest of the students are gone.  Why?  Sarah Mai and Sydneye Olkowski have to paint all the details on the five carousel horses we have.

Danny Seaton prepared the horses for them, drilling holes and tirelessly mounting them to what the crew fondly calls “surfboards.”  But now it is time to paint.  One horse alone takes the girls three days to paint.  They are not painting the whole time, no, they have to attend classes and see their family, but the rest of the time they are holed up in the green room surrounded by paint and brushes.  Two are finished, which is really exciting.  Each horse takes around 10 hours to paint fully and these two girls are working hard.  Normally I kick them out at around 9:30 or 10pm each night, after they’ve been painting since 3.  But they love it and the horses look exciting!

Sarah and Sydneye worked really hard to make Anastasia’s design turn out right.

Our Contest winner!

Winner ChestnutHere is our finished horse that Anastasia Designed!


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