Meet the artist: Bridget Cushman

Last night Homestead’s music and drama departments opened their rendition of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s beloved musical Carousel. William Toney and Grace Bobber, juniors, portray the title roles of Billy Bigelow and Julie Jordan, a couple who fell in love beneath the glimmering lights of Mrs. Mullins carousel, but are now struggling to make ends meet. Between cast, crew, and pit orchestra, Carousel is truly a group effort, with over 100 students involved.

So come one, come all, and meet the incredible artists who have created the production!

1506472_783479328334783_1695746809_nBridget Cushman may be one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. Her captivating sense of humor, beautiful voice and overall kindness combine into the incredible person she is today. As a senior, Cushman is finally getting the chance to tackle a main role as she portrays Julie Jordan’s cousin, Nettie.

“Well at first I thought my character to be very stoic and poised – always maintaining her manners,” Cushman said, “but as I’ve come to know her more and more I have found similarities between us and believe her to be more free and goofy with a motherly quality. She’s always taking care of others.”

Cushman worked hard to tap into her character by researching previous shows and looking for inspiration from other mother figures in movies. “At first, I couldn’t seem to find any understanding of how she would think or act,” Cushman said, “but I feel I, since then, have become more acquainted with Nettie as a character.”

Months earlier at auditions, Cushman admits that she knew nothing about the musical beforehand, but she has grown to love the show “more and more.”

“It’s been so much fun working on this show,” Cushman explains, “Even just from the first few rehearsals I could tell this was going to be a great show! Everyone is so easy and so much fun to work with!”

All in all, with opening night only hours away, Cushman can only say that she’s “excited to see the whole thing come together.” Although “Tech week is nuts,” Cushman has faith that “somehow we’ll get ourselves together to perform this awesome show!”

Bridget Cushman playing Nettie is HHS's musical "Carousel"
Bridget Cushman playing Nettie is HHS’s musical “Carousel”


By: Katie Bandurski
Drama Club Publicist

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