Advocates of Ozaukee

On Feb. 6, 2014, approximately 100 drama students from all grade levels gathered in the choir room during A and B lunch to educate themselves about abuse. Mary Knetter from Advocates of Ozaukee shared information about the organization itself and the different types of abuse present in today’s society.

Rebecca Winnie, Music Director, arranged for the guest speaker to correlate with the opening of Homestead’s musical, Carousel, in which issues of domestic mistreatment arise amongst some of the characters. Carousel is the second of three shows in the Theatre for Social Justice season where each production ties to a social issue.

Members of the cast, crew and pit orchestra attended today’s presentation in order to gain information, ask questions and make sense of the severity of any form of abuse.

In addition to raising awareness, Carousel hopes to help those currently in need. All attendees are encouraged to bring a donation for the Sojourner Family Peace Center, and in return, those who donate will receive $1 off the cost of their ticket. To see a complete list of needed items, visit

By: Katie Bandurski
Drama Club Publicist

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