Spring Play 2015

We are going to try something new next spring! Well… two things actually….A Children’s Show for the spring play!


We are also going to utilize the Theatre Production Seminar class as the actors for the spring show. This is an experiment for next year, but we are very excited to try this.

What this means for you? If you are signed up for Theatre Production Seminar in 2015, you get to be in a Mainstage production! Huzzah!

“But what about me?”  says the kid who didn’t sign-up for seminar next year.  No worries!  Come and talk to Ms. Figg-Franzoi about joining that class.  If the class fits into your schedule, you too could be in the Spring show!

The children’s show will be an hour long and performed the weekend of May 1-3 in the Auditorium. A lot of the rehearsals in March and April will happen in class, but as we get into later April and May the rehearsals will run after school as well, until around 4 or 5pm.

Those of you already in Seminar, we are telling you this now, so you can talk to your parents and decide if Theatre Production Seminar is a good fit for you next year. Traditionally this class does run after school, but for next year the after school time is a little bit longer then normal.  For those of you wanting to participate in the spring show next year, just come and talk to me.

If this works, CONGRATS you have just been cast in the 2015 Spring Play, if not, please see your counselor and find another amazing class to take!

Important Dates:

March 12th– Trimester 3 begins (Spring Play rehearsals)

March 12- April 10th: Rehearsals in Class

April 13-17: Rehearsals end at 3:30 After School

April 20-23: Rehearsals end at 4pm After School

April 24th: (Half-day) 3-6pm First day of Tech After School

April 27th-30th: Rehearsal ends at 5pm After School

May 1 Performance @ 7:00pm Weekend

May 2 Performance @ 11am and 7:00pm Weekend

May 3 Performance @ 2pm Weekend

May 4- June 4: Independent Projects

June 5: Performance of Final Projects @ 7pm After School

June 8-11: Finish class!


Some of you probably have a very full class schedule for next year and cannot take the Seminar class, no worries, you can always be involved in the spring play by joining Costumes, Make-up or Stage Crew (all after school activities).

The fall play next year will be more inclusive and if you play your cards right you will have a part in the fall show if you so wish.  I know this might bum some people out for you might not be able to be in the spring show, and I’m sorry for that.  This was the best way we could think of for next year to keep the spring play in the season, so don’t be too mad at me.

If you want to join the seminar class, first talk to your parents about switching classes.  There will be many other spring plays you can do in the future (unless you will be senior, and in that case, good riddens anyways! (hehe)).  After you talk to your parents, talk to me (Figg) and finally we will see if the class can fit into your schedule for next year.


Thank you!

Ms. Figg-Franzoi



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