That 70’s Show


Homestead High School Theatre Department Presents: That 70’s Show
The 3rd hour Acting 2 class spent a month adapting, auditioning and rehearsing their own version of the cult classic TV show, “That 70’s Show.”

Red Sees Red:
As punishment, Red gives Eric and Hyde a curfew. Laurie is all for it until she discovers that it applies to her too. Red booby-traps the house so that he’ll know if there are any escape attempts, and keeps increasing the discipline, despite Kitty’s pleas for leniency. Jackie is still trying to convince Hyde that she’s the woman for him, but he’s not buying it.

Prank Day:
Kelso welcomes everyone with ‘Presents day’ treats, but they soon discover that’s just the first phase of his hilarious invention ‘Prank day’. The girls invite Leo to their girls night board game. When the bad sports prepare a mean revenge on Kelso, it accidentally falls on Red, who naturally would come down hard on dumb ass Eric, but decides instead to enlist him for a ‘good prank’ against the others, and announces so at dinner, but phase two, again aimed at Michael, goes really wrong…

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