Doing your Homework before the show begins


I’m putting together the audition packet for the fall show and wondering how I can get across the importance of reading the books before we start.  I always encourage that students read the play before auditions, but in this case if you don’t read the books you will be left in the dust.

For our Workshop August 19-22 we will be devising the play… meaning creating it ourselves.  We don’t have scripts, we will be using the words Lewis Carrol wrote to create our own version of the story.  We are creating a world premiere.

That being said, if you don’t come to the workshops having already read the books you will not only be behind yourself, but you will be hindering the whole group.

Devised Theatre projects are hard.  I wouldn’t have chosen this for our fall play if I didn’t think you could handle it.  But you all have to step it up.  We were lazy last year, we cannot be lazy this year.

Read the books before you come, think about scenes to create, create scenes.  In Devised Theatre the actors write the show… there is no director.  You are the creators and I get to sit back and facilitate.  You all have a voice!  Prove to me you’ve earned your right to have a voice by coming to the workshop prepared.

You can by both books for a cheap as .01 or as expensive as $2. 86 on

Buy the Book here

You can also read the books for FREE!

Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland

Alice Through the Looking-Glass

We will not be working with scripts, so I highly encourage you to buy the Book… a cheap copy you can write in, highlight, shove post-its in.  Those books are our scripts.

Also… in years past the workshop has been a fun way to meet people, get your feet wet with the play and have the opportunity to be in the play.  This year, my goal is to create a skeleton of the production in these four days… meaning you should really try to come to the workshops.   If you can’t, don’t feel bad, if you just don’t want to, well then you are hindering yourself for auditions, but I gave you the dates for the workshops early this year for this reason.  Come be apart of something amazing!

My little plead/rant is over.  See you next week at Registration!

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