Meet the Artist: Sam Faber

Sam Faber
Sam Faber

“Why Theatre? Why Theatre?” Sam Faber asked repeatedly wondering at the vague question, “because theatre builds character.”    Sam Faber is a senior with the Homestead Theatre Department and for this years fall show has the grand role of Assistant Director.  But do not fret, Faber has also acting, sang and danced his way across the stage.  He came to us last year and the start of his Junior year and has endeared himself to us.

Playing Mr. Bascomb in "Carousel"
Playing Mr. Bascomb in “Carousel”

“The most profound experience I’ve had in theatre is the process of becoming comfortable expressing myself in front of people.”  Sam’s funny memory on stage was “improvising when things go went wrong in the middle of a performance of Footloose.”  Sam has been a theatre kid his whole high school career, no matter where that high school was in the country, or out.  “I got into theatre because living in six different cities throughout my school career means attending six different schools, and people who involve themselves with the arts are some of the most welcoming I’ll ever meet.”  And Sam is welcomed and loved in the HHS Drama Club.

While Theatre has been fun in school, Sam Faber will be majoring in Civil Engineering and building skyscrapers at Iowa State University, yes he has already been accepted and is living the carefree senior year experience.

Come to “Alice in Wonderland” Oct 17-19 at Homestead High School to see some of Sam’s amazing work on stage, and see if you can spot him onstage in two scenes!

Watching an "Alice in Wonderland" rehearsal as Assistant Director
Watching an “Alice in Wonderland” rehearsal as Assistant Director

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