Meet the Artist: Maggie Collins

The Queen of Hearts
The Queen of Hearts

1. Why theatre? Well, why not theatre? It’s an amazing part of my life. In fact, I really can’t imagine my life without it. It’s the best way to make friends, set personal goals, and find yourself.

2. My character is the Queen of Hearts. She is really…somethin’. I have basically made her into the meanest, most unreasonable person ever. I’ve found that the facial expressions, body language, and voice have been key in creating her. My inspiration for her voice is fingernails on a chalkboard because everyone hates that. So far, my biggest challenge has been to be card-like. The Queen Of Hearts is technically a card, so she needs to have some stiffness. The costume that Emily Eckhardt created for me helps me to be stiff, so I feel like as rehearsals progress, I will become more card-like.

Maggie playing Carrie in "Carousel"
Maggie playing Carrie in “Carousel”

3. My worst experience performing in front of an audience was by far in last year’s musical Carousel. I still have nightmares about the Saturday night show. It was the scene before the song I had to sing, and right before Grace Bobber and I had to run on stage, my skirt came unclasped. I had to find a time in the scene to logically give my character, Carrie, an excuse to get off stage. Once I got off, some people had to quickly help me as Will Toney and Grace had to improvise over my lines. I remember crying to Sarah Mai in the wings saying “I ruined the show.” *shivers* #NIGHTMARE

4. My favorite memory in theatre was in Carousel in the opening scene when the carousel was assembled. The audience applauded when it was fully put together. I remember being so incredibly happy and proud of everything we accomplished with that musical.

5. I really enjoy singing and acting, but when I’m not doing that, I’m usually hanging out with friends or hanging out with my dog (Minnie). I like writing, too. I’m in creative writing class right now, and it makes me want to write more!

6. After High School, I hope to major in psychology to become a children’s therapist/psychologist. I’m not sure where I’m going yet, but hopefully I will within the next few months!!

Maggie's last attempt at Sports... Victorian Baseball
Maggie’s last attempt at Sports… Victorian Baseball

7. I got into theatre in 6th grade. Many of my friends had been involved in Ms. Figg’s Jr. productions since 4th grade, but I never really knew when to sign up or how to go about being involved. In 6th grade, I decided to sign up for the fall play Sleeping Beauty, then I did the Winter Musical, Cinderella. I’m so glad my friends convinced me to do it, because I’d probably be doing…….sports……if they hadn’t. I LOVE THEATRE!

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