Technology Rant…

“But art is not technology; it is useless by vital.  It is through art that we communicate what it feels like to be alive.  When you ask “what is the point of art?” you could reformulate the question to “what is the point of being human?”

-Anthony Gormley, visual artist

I struggle with the beginning of this quote, because while technology is vital, the way we use it is not.  It’s a daily struggle to keep technology in check.  I’m talking about the useless tech, facebook, tumblr, video games… you get the gist.  And any of my students will tell you how I rant about snapchat. Yes, I’m ragging on most teenagers obsessions.  But you’re love for technology comes at a cost.  You have ceased to believe that art is vital.  You have ceased to believe in your own imagination.  No longer can you just capture a moment with your mind and let that moment be a blissful memory.  Technology stops us, makes us recreate, makes us sit, makes us disconnect.  Art connects, art is active, art is alive.  Why is it alive?  Because you are creating it, you are moving it and you are human.

This week I’m on a vendetta against sitting in classrooms, or sitting at home, I’m against phones and video games and TV.  This week I’ve had it, and I want creativity back.  I want my students to not look at me blankly when I try to get them to imagine things, or pull out their phone to snapchat in the middle of a game.  Where have you all gone?  It’s sad when I say, “Back in my day…”  That day was 9 years ago.  9 years changed the world.  9 years ago, facebook was only at some colleges, youtube wasn’t a thing, let alone vine, tumblr, and twitter. Most kids didn’t have a cellphone and if they did it could only call other people.  9 years ago, if I was bored in class, I’d journal or daydream, read or write my friend a note and fold it epically.  I then had to wait to give it to them.  Sometimes, I didn’t communicate with a friend all day, because I didn’t get to see them until after school.  And that was okay.  Yes, I still thought the world would end if I didn’t get to whisper something to her right that second in rehearsal when I was supposed to be listening to the director… but at least I was talking to her, and not snapchatting the person in the same room as me.

I fear technology when art and movement is taken away.

My rant is over…. thank you.

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