Meet the Artist: Lonnae Hickman

10686860_801636603207833_8411931931815363416_nLonnae Hickman is one of the directors, script secretary, for The Mikado.  The script secretary at Homestead is what Stage managers do in the real world.  They are everyone’s mother… basically.  They yell at actors, get them band-aids, keep them in line and then for the show, they run the show.  It’s a very stressful job and only a select few at HHS choose to be a Script Secretary.  Lonnae was groomed for this job, but she is not just a person who dabbles backstage, she has acted too!

Lonnae is First Stage's production of TO THE PROMISED LAND
Lonnae in First Stage’s production of TO THE PROMISED LAND

“I got into theater when I was about 5 years old, I saw Marry Poppins on broadway and decided thats what I wanted to do. I stayed in theater because I just really loved playing different characters and making people feel different emotions.  I think one of the funniest memories about Homestead Theater, was my 2nd day of Freshman year. That day was also the first day of auditions for The Hobbit. I walked in, and the place was pretty crazy. There was someone who was running around and screaming random words and other things. Anyways I ran right back out, and I didn’t audition. I was so shy and intimidated, but now that I look back things probably were not as bad as I remember. I think its pretty funny regardless

I don’t know any teenage memory I would want to remember forever. I think for me, its the smaller things that matter. I guess I would say waiting for a Homestead show to start, hearing the music and being with the people I feel most confident with.

Acting as Script Secretary for "The Mikado" and writing down the blocking
Acting as Script Secretary for “The Mikado” and writing down the blocking

My mom is the person who inspires me the most. She means everything to me, because she’s my biggest supporter. I don’t know, she likes to read, is an educator, and has sporadic outbursts of singing show tunes.

Most of my outside activities revolve around theater, I’m a theater nerd. but in my free time I do like to practice archery and making short videos. I know for part of my life I want to be involved in behind the scenes work of movie making or theater, I would probably be a props master, and maybe in between that that I’ll act. Then I think for the rest of my life, if I have enough money, I’d like to travel.”

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