Meet the Artist: Andrew Lococo

Andrew with friends at the Homecoming Parade
Andrew with friends at the Homecoming Parade

My name is Andrew Lococo and I am participating in the ensemble for the 2015 musical, The Mikado. Starting out in musical theatre in middle school, I found this production to be a new challenge to embrace. The beauty of musical theatre is the ability to weave every form of the arts into one final masterpiece. There’s so much involved from the acting to the orchestra to the singing to the costuming to the set design. That’s what I love about it!

Although a majority of my theatre career has been filled with musical credits, I also found myself wandering into an Acting 1 class my freshman year and have since appeared in one play with HHS. I am currently enrolled in Acting 2/Direct to further enhance my acting skills and am hoping to gain a spot in the 2015 One Act class.

Andrew in "Carousel"
Andrew in “Carousel”
Andrew as Lewis Carroll and Sarah as Alice
Andrew as Lewis Carroll and Sarah as Alice

During my first play, Alice in Wonderland, one amusing anecdote stands out amongst many. I played the role of Lewis Carroll, the whimsical fatherly figure to Alice, and Alice was played by Sarah Mai, a longtime friend of mine. In the scene, Alice places the crown on her head wishing to return home and the whole world she knew before reappears in a Victorian England setting. I was to welcome her back not knowing she had been gone. During our dialogue together I choked up and my line came out quite soft and unclear as if I was gasping for air. We continued on with the scene and hugged after the dialogue, which wasn’t written into the script. It was quite a memorable experience but Sarah and I laughed about it in the end.

Although I consider theatre to be a hobby, I plan on attending college to study in the field of education. I was inspired to pursue this field due in part of a former teacher of mine who made a large impact on not just my education but my life as well. She has since remained a close friend of mine. To follow my passion, I hope to teach at the middle school level and wish to reside in the Mequon area.

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