Plans for next year…

IMG_6664As many of you know I, Amelia Figg-Franzoi, or as most of you call me “Mom,” am neck deep in grad-school.  Some of you know that for the past month I’ve been very excited about research findings and ideas I have for the Spring Play this year and also ideas for our Spring Play next year.  This year we have a trapeze for our show… along with two swings.  It’s been a trip teaching some students how to use the trapeze and finding fun and safe moves to do.

Around a week ago, I started thinking about the Spring Play 2016 and my MFA thesis presentation.  They will be one and the same and I’m so excited for it.  Working with a professional aerialist, my hope is that we create an epic theatre piece filled with dance, trapeze and silk sling work.  We will take our talents and create a a show next spring.  (I will announce what play we will do at the 4th annual PATs Gala).

So, here is the run down on the 2015-2016 season…  In August we traditionally run a week long workshop for the fall play.  This isn’t going to happen this summer.  Instead the Fall show will be our smaller production and the Spring play will be the large cast, amazing extravaganza!  Starting around November, workshops will start for the Spring Show. (these will be sporadic as we will be knees deep in the Musical)  In order to be considered for the lead roles you will have to come to a majority of the workshops.  Most of these will be classes on how to be an aerialist, we will explore the different types of flying apparatuses… static trapeze, dance trapeze, slings, silks and more!  We will also start creating the show (like we did with Alice in Wonderland).    I will devise a system of “if you attend X number of workshops you automatically get cast in the show.”

I honestly hope you are as excited for our 2015-2016 theatre season as I am!  Even if you don’t know the shows (heck I don’t either!) we will have lots of fun creating with each other all year long!!!

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