Black Box Production By: Alex Gieske

IMG_3747There is something very unique and intriguing about performing in the Black Box. Because of the intimate space, every emotion is more potent than if it were in a big auditorium. The audience is up close and personal with the actors and can see their every move, making it essential that the actors are genuine and completely give themselves over to the character. Eurydice lent itself to this kind of acting very well, as does the show that I chose to direct, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds. But directing is a much different experience than acting.

4G7A0455This is the first show I have ever attempted to direct, and, while I watched Joe take on the role of director in Eurydice and witnessed Ms. Figg perform the job countless times, I never realized what all goes into it until I had to do it. I found myself viewing the script through a different lens. I wasn’t just looking at the lines and how a character might say them; I was also examining what light cues may go where, what props we needed, how the set would look like, which scenes did we need to rehearse, when would we rehearse and so on. I often struggled to communicate what I wanted with the members of the cast and my Co-Director, Sarah Mai, and got frustrated when they didn’t understand. Taking on the role of director has been a crash course in patience, organization, and time management and sometimes I forget the lessons. Despite all this, I do not regret my decision. Quite the opposite, in fact. I have fallen in love with the show and the cast. We have explored the intricacies of the characters together and shared so many laughs, all while rehearsing. Out of seven different people, we became one cohesive group with the unifying goal of performing a show that will have a lasting impression on not only the audience, but us as well.

Written By: Alex Gieske (’15)

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