Ms. Figg-Franzoi’s dysfunctional annoying Class By Julius Kellner

Video Commercial
Video Commercial

During my time in Ms. Figg-Franzoi’s Hour 2 Tri 3 Acting 1 class I learned much about acting and the world itself.  What I found really fun and interesting were the group projects we did.  My favorite one was the commercial.  The reason this one was my favorite is because of all the free reign we had.  Ms. Figg-Franzoi let us pick whatever we wanted to do for our commercial.  Not only that, she let us film anywhere with permission.  This free reign was implemented in all of our projects.  Not only was the free reign good, but it also taught us the important lesson of using our time wisely.  During the time we had to practice for our monologue I’ll admit that I did not use my time wisely.  During the practice and free reign that we got I took most of the time playing on my phone and not getting work done.  Little did I know that the practice time Ms. Figg-Franzoi gave us was crucial to our performance on our monologues. I ended up receiving a C on that monologue. After that though I decided to actually use my time wisely.  During our dialogue practice time I actually practiced. This practice gave me and my partner, Justin, a 100% on our presentation.  This class helped me with my time management.


Another one of my favorite things about Acting 1, was the games that we played.  Often we would go into the auditorium and play a fun game to introduce us to the next activity or project we had to do.  These games were fun because we got to get up, move around, and sometimes run!  One of the games we played in the auditorium was especially fun.  I forget the name of this game but it involved one person standing on center stage and the rest of the people at the back of the auditorium.  A bit like red light green light, the people at the top of the auditorium would try and touch the person on center stage while his/her back was turned.  The person on center stage would periodically turn around and if he/she had spotted you, you would have to restart and go all the way back to the top of the auditorium.

During the course of the trimester the entire Acting 1 class was challenged to go see a play and write a critique on it.  I, not having the chance to see any plays early in the year, had to go see a play that was a little unorthodox from the rest everyone else saw.  I traveled to a little dinner club in Port Washington, called Memories, to see Nana’s Naughty Knickers.  Not only was the title of this play absolutely ridiculous but so was crowd I was in. Every single person that had made the trip to Memories to see the play was about 65 years or older. I was the only high-school age student there! Without Acting 1 I would never get to the tale of how I saw Nana’s Naughty Knickers with a bunch of old folks.

Acting One honestly changed my view on the theatre personal.  I always thought that people who went to plays were always stuck up and snotty, but when Ms. Figg-Franzoi wore her light up boots to school one day I knew that what I thought was non-sense. Ms. Figg-Franzoi had some unforgettable outfits that she wore to school that I had never before seen being sported in public.   Without Acting 1 I would not have the same outlook on the world as I do today and am grateful for being apart of Ms. Figg-Franzoi’s dysfunctional annoying second hour class!

Written By: Julius Kellner
3rd Trimester 2015
Acting 1 2nd Hour

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