Theatre Etiquette: Concerning Costumes

I know all my actors follow these rules with Costumes….

Kerry Hishon

australian ballet costume warehouse


“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”  
~ Mark Twain

One of the most fun things about working on a show is trying on your costume for the first time.  You’ve rehearsed your blocking and practiced your lines and sung your songs, but once you step into your character’s clothes… it just makes everything seem a bit more real!

As an actor, your costume is so important.  It tells the audience the story of your character.  It adds to the mood of the piece.  It contributes to the overall look of the show.  As such, there are some important rules that you must respect when it comes to your costume.

1.  Once your measurements are taken, you need to stay the same size.

There’s nothing worse for a costume designer than to spend hours sewing a costume, and then come back to rehearsal and…

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