Unrehearsed Shakespeare by: Jada Carroll

4G7A1281.jpgHi, my name is Jada Carroll and I’m glad I did the Unrehearsed Shakespeare play. It is really fun and funny, what makes the unrehearsed Shakespeare play funny is how some people in the play was pronouncing the words in movement and sounds.

In Shakespeare’s play when you say “that,” you’re suppose to point, and when you say “this” you touch what you are talking about, and for “we,” you go to the person who you are talking about, also the funny part about that is some people do it in a really expressful way which makes it funny, and you cross to the person who you are speaking to in Shakespeare’s plays.

The part I played in Shakespeare play is Maria in 12th Night, and I played Peter in Romeo and Juliet, and a jailer in Comedy Of Errors. My favorite part was playing Maria in 12th Night because I got to play a women and I’m proud of being a young woman, also when I play Peter in Romeo and Juliet I like how I said anon because how I did it, it was funny, and being a jailer in Comedy Of Errors I didn’t know if I was a girl or a boy, but I just wanted to be a girl jailer because I’m proud of being a girl.


When I was changing clothes to fit in that character, it was kinda fun, I was just rushing to change clothes. The Unrehearsed Shakespeare class made me understand that I’m suppose to cross sometimes and have some type of movement as in actor. And for the people that don’t like seeing plays you would think the Unrehearsed Shakespeare play is funny. But doing the Unrehearsed Shakespeare class is really fun and funny.

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