The Children in “Fiddler”

Homestead High School is doing something different with our production of Fiddler on the Roof.  The change came around in December when Kristen Houge, our music Director, and I sat down with the cast to talk about raising money for children refugees in the world.  The cast had expressed how they wanted to use the musical to help the refugee crisis just as the latest Broadway cast had.

One afternoon I was reading a review of Broadway’s Fiddler which closed in December.  In the article, they stated that they attempted a frame story with the actor who play ed Tevye, Danny Bernstein, dressed in a modern day winter parka at the beginning and end of the show.  They were trying to tie in a story from one hundred years ago into the world around us today.  When I watched the latest version of Fiddler, I did not fully understand what they were trying to tell me with the modern day actor.  I loved the idea, but wanted to go further.  I have worked with a 5th grader at Wilson Elementary school on two other HHS productions and she really wanted to work on Fiddler on the Roof with us.  With these two thoughts in mind: using children, and going further, I decided that our musical would be seen through the eyes of modern day children reading the story of Fiddler on the Roof.  I found three other children, sisters, and together the four younger students have created an amazing story for the audience to watch.

4g7a4178Kate Ferguson is a 5th grader at Wilson Elementary School and is thrilled to be participating in her third Homestead High School production.  Kate would like to thank Ms. Figg-Franzoi, the cast and the Homestead High School Theater Department for giving her this amazing opportunity and for being so supportive!

Alexandra Gaskin would like to thank Figg and the entire cast for allowing her to be part of such an amazing production. She is a fourth grader at Donges Bay Elementary where she plays cello in the orchestra. She is excited for her next role, Gretl, in the MT Recreation Department’s spring musical, The Sound of Music.

Julia Gaskin has loved every moment on the big stage with the cast of Fiddler on the Roof. A Lake Shore Middle School sixth grader, she also plays viola with the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra. She extends a big thank you to Figg and the Homestead cast and crew for welcoming her into the HHS theater family.

Mara Gaskin is thrilled to be participating in her first ever theatrical production. A second grader at Donges Bay Elementary, she would like to thank Figg and the entire cast for providing her this opportunity and for their inspiration and unending encouragement.

dsc03086Working with Mara, Alex, Kate and Julia has been a dream.  They are the readers and watchers of the story, they allow a new emotion to wash over the audience.  As silent participants, they live in their own world, celebrating Shabbos, dancing, crying and reading the story the audience sees. The children create a unique connection to the audience more so than just a cast can do.

I highly encourage you to find time to watch the children during the show, they have created some delightful moments all by themselves.  For the past two weeks they have made us laugh, smile and cry with the little things they bring to the show.


Join us at Homestead High School this weekend for an amazing production of Fiddler on the Roof.  Homestead High School is a fun and cheap way to see theatre in the area.  Join us for our Winter Musical Fiddler on the Roof.

Thursday February 9th @7pm

Friday February 10th @7pm

Saturday February 11th @7pm

Sunday February 12th @1pm

All tickets are bought at the door the night of the show.  The Box Office opens an hour before the show and accepts cash or checks.  Our James Barr Performing Arts Center seats over 1000 people, so we do not reserve seats.  It’s a first come first serve open seating venue.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Theatre Department at 262-238-5674 or email the production manager at

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