2016-2017 Theatre Highlights… maybe…

Ms. Figg-Franzoi was asked recently to list the highlights for the 2016-2017, she started listing her thoughts on the highlights only to have one of the Drama Club presidents and the D-Club Treasure take over… can you guess where?

  • One Act Class competed at the State Wisconsin High School Theatre Festival winning the most awards, 10, for their production Fall of Orpheus.  The play was written by the students of the class and Amelia Figg-Franzoi, their teacher.  The awards earned where 6 individual acting awards:
    • Zach Ginkel as Orpheus
    • Sophia Nelson as Eurydice
    • Emma Zander as Atropos
    • Lauren Burghardt as Lachesis
    • Lily Higgins as Clotho
    • Phillip Zuccaro as Hades
  • Outstanding Stage Crew Award
  • Outstanding Acting Ensemble Award
  • Outstanding Director Award
  • Critics Choice, the highest honor at the state level where all three judges must award the play with this award

The opening of the James Barr Performing Arts Center

Sylvia by A.R. Gurney


  • Lauren played a dog
  • Phillip hated his life
  • Phillip accidently touched Emma once and cried for 30 minutes
  • We ate Qdoba for like 4 days straight

The Fine Arts Department’s Musical Fiddler on the Roof

  • Emma Zander performed the Friday show with a 103+ fever (We didn’t know until she went home after the show)
  • Bella Gabor performed the role of Hodel with four hours of training
  • Two college athletes played Russians
  • We raised over $4,000 for UNICEF’s Children Refugee fund.
  • 4 young artists from the Mequon-Thiensville School District joined the high school cast to perform Fiddler
  • Sam Tucker, student athlete, made everyone cry with his senior speech

Tempest by Billy Shakes

  • Lily pushes her acting limits by playing drunken clown

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