I don’t know if this will help or not, but I would like to address some things about casting that I feel some people don’t get.  Casting here at Homestead is done the same way any other theatre company would do it… it’s based on TALENT not how old you are.

But it is more than talent, right?  Yes, professional theatre companies and even Hollywood is changing in that they have stopped casting jerks.  You might be the most talented actor out there, but if you don’t take direction, or talk back to the director and are rude to others, you will soon find that doors will shut and remain that way.

Here at Homestead, we act sort-of like a Repertory company in that we have a set company of actors that audition for parts in the shows.  Some people come and go while some actors are known faces for four years.  This can be a blessing.  It’s a blessing because you are a known entity, you might have a bad audition that day, but the Directors know your work and know what you are capable of so they can cast you accordingly despite your cold or lack of voice.

So… what do Homestead High School’s Music and Theatre departments look for specifically in their actors?  Here’s the list.

  1. Talent – we are always going to go with the most talented human in the room despite their age or how long they’ve been with the departments.  
  2. Directability – this goes along with talent.  A talented actor always wants to improve so they allow themselves to be molded.  They change for the production, bringing something new with each character.  They try what the Director asks them to try as well as ask permission to try their own things.  But they know that it is always the Director who gets the final say even if the actor doesn’t agree with them.  
  3. Personality – are you a personality that gets along with people?  Ultimately this is an educational experience and if you cannot uphold the MIGHTY HIGHLANDER way, we cannot put in the shows.  

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