Meet The Artist: Reem Salah

4G7A6989My name is Reem Salah and I am an actor in Bonny Anne Bonny.  I play Posey Creed, a woman who joins the crew after leaving behind her drunken husband. She’s the crew’s ammunition’s expert and could be described as tomboyish and a bit awkward. She’s a tough pirate but wants to find the “princess” within herself.

It is a pirate play so we have swords.  Sadly, I don’t get a sword. Posey prefers to blow stuff (and people) up rather than fighting hand to hand or with swords. She does get a little bit of combat near the end though. But, learning stage combat was so much fun!

My favorite line is the play is one of mine, “ALE- heavy..big, big barrels!”

This show, Bonny Anne Bonny is about a lot of things. Deception, finding yourself, being independent and fighting for your own worth, along with greed, pain, and friendship. It definitely has a lot more to it than most would think. I don’t think most will be expecting some of the more mature themes that occur in the play. Every character in the show develops in their own way, whether it be for the better or worse. Overall it’s the story of how an adventure can change people and their lives.

fullsizeoutput_626The character Anne Bonny is a great icon for female empowerment, in my opinion. She is initially the idea that “behind every successful man, there’s a woman” the man being Calico Jack. But, she doesn’t settle for this and wants to be known for her great accomplishments as her own, not Calico’s. She may be a bit selfish and rough around the edges, but she embodies the spirit of women who want more for themselves.

When the audience leaves after they come to see our play I hope they think how incredible it is that we were able to pull off such a complex show in terms of the set, the costumes, the transitions and portraying all the dynamic characters.

This play has a lot going on, everything is always changing! There are a lot more big group scenes than other plays I’ve done. Also, it has a lot of witty moments, but also a lot more mature themes than any other show I’ve done. There’s just a lot going on. Also, it was directed by Christopher Elst, who’s usually our fight coordinator, which made everything seem newer! Rehearsals with Chris are a lot of fun!

Thanks to everyone who made this show possible and to everyone who is coming to see it! We really appreciate the support and hope this show is as fun to watch as it was to create!


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