Meet The Artist: Leila Mohsenian

25532279_1625670860804399_3464395482971908565_oHello There! My name is Leila Mohsenian!  I am a sophomore at Homestead High School, and am an actor in the play Bonny Anne Bonny.  My character is Lila Addams!  Lila is a young teenage girl who just wants to be what everyone else wants to be: a pirate. Studying star charts and learning all about plane sailing, she longs to sail across the seven seas.   After she lost her parents, she came to live with her ex-pirate uncle Josiah in New Province. One day Anne Bonny comes knocking on the door to pick up Josiah and instead decides Lila, with her navigational skills, is more useful! Thus, Lila joins the crew on an adventure of a lifetime!

In all the past productions I’ve done, stage combat and sword fighting has been and will always be my favorite part of theatre. Sadly Lila is a little too young and timid to ask Anne for a sword. However, there are plenty of crew members who do and, as always, it’s just absolutely stunning to watch. Plus plenty of woman power!

fullsizeoutput_611I’ve been asked to tell you my favorite line of dialogue, but it’s so hard to pick a favorite line, in the words of a fellow cast member, the script is just so “spicy”!   But if I had to pick, it would be:  “Just sit there and look pathetic…perfect.”  For context, come to see the show and see if you can spot why I enjoy it so much. *wink wink*

Bonny Anne Bonny is the story of a selfish pirate named Anne Bonny and her two best mates: Mary Reed and Calico Jack Rackham. They sail into New Province, set out to scrounge up a crew, commandeer a ship and make mischief wherever they go! I’d tell you more but I’ll leave the juicy details for opening night! *wink wink*

Bonny Anne Bonny is all about friendship. I mean, of course, you can’t ignore the themes of pirates, vengeance, adventure, love, and dreams. But overall, in the end, the most valuable lesson this story can teach you is about friendship. 

As we start the school year, the idea of where you fit in is always a major issue;, especially for the freshmen. Speaking from experience, starting high school was only the most amazing experience I’ve ever had due to finding Drama Club.

I think this fall show is a great way to kick off the year; a major bang of a wild adventure of all different types of people coming together in a band of friendship!

Nothing is ever exactly the same. Every show I’ve been in always has a different atmosphere and a different type of energy depending on the show and, more importantly, the cast.

4G7A7081Unlike other plays, at least since I’ve been here, (so in the past year lol) Bonny Anne Bonny is being directed by Christopher Elst, is also a fantastic combat choreographer as well. He has coordinated many of our fights for previous shows and is developing them all for this show! This means LOTS OF COOL FIGHT SCENES.

Like I said, it’s one of my favorite things about theatre 🙂

Our director, Chris Elst, is truly amazing in his stage combat choreography and you will not be disappointed. If you’ve enjoyed previous show fighting, you’ll definitely enjoy this one 🙂

What do you hope the audience will be thinking about in the car as they drive home after this show?

“Holy crap. Did….how….why…”

*breaks into sobbing*

Just kidding. While that ^ is most definitely going to be me, (and I mean if the audience becomes that attached to it, by all means, I won’t tell if you won’t) the show is worth so much if you’re truly seeing the full performance.

Not only is it extremely fun with action-packed stage combat, but also hilarious with witty and comical dialogue that will leave you laughing with tears. However; like any well-developed show, the whole show is a life lesson that’s just waiting to be heard! The end of the show will leave you speechless!

Thanks for reading!   Please come see the show! You won’t regret it!


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