Meet the Artist: Elizabeth Foster

Standing in for a missing actor

My name is Elizabeth Foster and I am an assistant director for the show.  I am also the Stage Manager. I take a lot of notes during rehearsal and will call all the cues during the show.  

Bonny Anne Bonny, at its heart, is a play about consequences. Many people think the lives of pirates are strictly action, romance, and sailing, and Act 1 caters to that assumption. Act 2 addresses the consequences of such action and romance in a realistic, and not so happy, way.  It’s a play about pirates, so lots of sword fighting! I’m happy to say I don’t sword fight in the show. If I did, I’d have some questions about the job of the stage manager. During rehearsals, however, I had the opportunity to pick up a sword and learn a couple different fights. Sword fighting is a cardio sport when doing it right.

Stand Manager hard at work

How does Bonny Anne Bonny, a play set in 1720, comment on our world today?  In a conversation with the director, Chris Elst, we discussed how the male roles really were switched with the female roles; meaning, this is a play with an actual female lead who has strong capable female friends. This is a play that passes the Bechdel test 10 times over. The male roles don’t take the spotlight here.

This show is actually directed by Christopher Elst, who is usually an assistant director and fight director for Homestead productions. Now Figg is an assistant director. This is also my first show as an assistant director, and I’m really appreciating the perspective the position offers. I still get to go to rehearsal every day, but I also get to use some of those organizational skills and work with Sarah Mo, Figg, and Chris in ways I would not have gotten to otherwise.



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