Let’s Create this Summer!

I would love to try something this summer!  A summer production!!  This has only happened once before and it was completely student-run because I was in grad school.  This summer I want to help create this project.  Drama Club will become a mini theatre company and create a show. The concept?

DSC0530.jpgA ghost light… our favorite thing in theatre.

Who can be a part of this project?  Incoming freshmen through past drama club graduates!!  Think of the possibilities!  Think of the friendships!  Think of the theatre company we will create!!!

The goal will be to enter into the Milwaukee Fringe Festival at the end of August to perform it, possibly other venues as well.

Who are we looking for?  Actors, dancers, singer, musicians, etc.  The goal is to create a 20-30 minute devised piece.  I have a new idea, but we could also remount one of our past creations.

Check out the NEW idea here!

12983902_1068674383170719_1403825900720603168_oOnce we see who is interested we’d figure out a rehearsal schedule that works for our summer schedules and start creating!!  Obviously, if no one is interested, we won’t do it.  I’ve been toying with doing summer things for a few years now, and this will be the experiment year.  We don’t have much money so we need to do an original piece, but if this thing takes, maybe we do plays and musicals in years to come.  Anything is possible if we put our minds to it.

Let me know if you are interested!!

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