Join Stage Crew!

Interested in joining Homestead High School’s Stage Crew?  We have a meeting tonight, September 10th in the James Barr Performing Arts Center from 6-7pm

Stage Crew Permission slip

What is Stage Crew?

The Homestead High School Stage Crew is a service activity that provides all technical assistance in scenery, lighting, sound, properties, wardrobe and makeup for plays produced in the auditorium and in the Black Box Theatre. We also provide tech support for Performing Arts Department concerts.

The Stage Crew responsibilities are divided into two general crews: production and run.

1071430_620266588011503_1399158745_oProduction crews work on one or more of the 3 plays produced by the Theatre Department. The production crew puts the show together but does NOT work the performances. They work on the technical elements needed for the play. they build the scenery, hang the lights, record the sound, sew costumes, etc. To be a part of the HHS Stage production crew, all you have to do is attend shop calls. Shop calls are work sessions that happen in the evenings after school, in the weeks leading up to the play’s performances. Shop calls occur every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6-9pm A complete calendar of shop calls can be found outside the door to the Black Box.

Run crews run all events that occur in the Auditorium. The run crew consists of people who run lighting, sound, scenery, properties, costumes, makeup, and hair. These are the folks that work the performances of the plays. They RUN the show. Their jobs include: moving the scenery on and off-stage, running the light board, mixing the sound, assisting with costume changes, placing the properties where the actor needs them, flying scenery in and out, setting off pyrotechnics, spewing fog, following actors with spotlights, etc. For our productions, the run crew calls begin tech week (1 to 2 weeks prior to the opening performance) and extend through the end of the performance run. Call times are normally 2:50pm until finished (in most cases 9:00pm at the latest) during tech week. Call times for performances are usually 1-1/2 hours prior to curtain through the end of the performance. Students on a run crew are expected to attend all technical rehearsals and performances.

You may work on either a production crew or a run crew. You may work on one crew for one show or both crews for all shows or any combination thereof. The number of crews worked is dependent upon your desired level of commitment.


Wayne Peters -Technical Director -involved 30+ years.  Supervises construction, lighting, sound, running of shows, One Act Class.

Luke Khlbeck – Shop Assistant – involved 5 years.  Supervises construction, props, lighting.

Amelia Figg-Franzoi – Theatre Director, classroom theatre teacher. Directs the Fall play, AFS show, Winter Musical, One Act class and Spring play

This is an HHS Club for students interested in theatre.  Any student can belong to this club.  It is not an extracurricular activity.  It is the goal of this club to promote student involvement.  This involvement can include:  ushering tickets, make-up, concessions, and publicity.  This group also sponsors field trips and workshops related to theatre.  It meets several times a year.  The current presidents are Taliah Lansing, Elizabeth Foster, and Julia Rowe.

Volunteer groups help in the areas of tickets, costumes, concessions, rehearsal meals promotions, and publicity. Our first meeting is Sept. 19th at 7 pm in the Black Box theatre, Many crew parents help sell tickets on the evenings of productions or help with food nights.  If you cannot attend and would be willing to help please e-mail Amelia Figg-Franzoi at or call 262-238-5674.



 FALL SHOW- James and the Giant Peach: October 18, 19 @ 7pm and 2 @ 1pm

AFS SHOW    November 2 @ 7 pm and 3 @ 1 pm

MUSICAL – Big Fish: February 6-8 @ 7pm and 9 @ 1pm

SPRING SHOW –She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurers Edition: April 24, 25 @ 7pm and 21 @ 6pm

Main Contact: Amelia Figg-Franzoi
Phone # 262-238-5674

Social Media:
Facebook ProfileHomestead Teatro
Facebook PageHomestead High School Drama Club


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