Meet The Artist: Becca Hall

Who are you?  What year are you?  What are your interests?

My name is Becca Hall, I’m a freshman, and I like to act, dance, sing, write and cook/bake.

I’m so glad you decided to tell people about yourself and the current Homestead fall play.  What exactly do you do for James and the Giant Peach?

I am a member of the Ensemble. I have some lines but the majority of the time I spend my part of the play doing Seagull or Shark dances, or things like showing James discovering the peach!

What brought you to join the cast for James and the Giant Peach?

During Freshman Orientation I went around to the different clubs and I had some acting experience previously, so I had a slight idea I may want to audition and join, but I decided to once I got a glimpse of how amazing the people were!

Do you have any stories from rehearsals, practices or crew sessions?

One of my favorite stories has to be when the ensemble first started creating the peach scene. While we didn’t know what we were doing, it was all fun and it turned out great! Another good story would have to be Ben and Talia’s dance sessions. ‍:)

All art comments on something or aligns itself with current issues.  How does James and the Giant Peach comment on current social or political issues and has it influenced you this fall?

James and the Giant Peach to me shows what is wrong with the foster care and CPS system. When James gets sent to live with his Aunts, they don’t necessarily think about if they would be fit guardians, which related back to the present day, where the foster care system doesn’t always check to see if the homes they are sending kids to are actually reliable. I think the show has definitely influenced me. It’s influenced me to take charge of my own life and my schoolwork and time management, especially now that I’m in high school.

What do you hope the audience will be thinking about in the car as they drive home after this show?

I hope they’ll be thinking that they’re glad they spent their time and money seeing the show, and I really hope they enjoyed it and see how much work the cast and crew have put into this show. 🙂

James and the Giant Peach is a story of imagination and childhood perspective. Does being in this show bring back any nostalgia or childhood memories for you?

Some. For example, stories that I dreamed up as a kid and even the fact that as a kid I was always up and trying to find adventure, which in the show, the bugs are always finding more adventure to participate in.

Anything else you want to talk about?

I really love the people here! Everyone is so supportive towards everyone and it’s really an amazing group to be apart of! I’m so glad I got the courage to audition and join drama! One of the best parts of my day! 🙂

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