What Acting 1 Taught me

By: Sophia King (’22)

Theater has always been apart of my family and my life. My mom has been acting since she was a kid, because of that she has made it a part of mine. When I was younger I used to do plays, commercials, and musicals. I felt connected with my mom and enjoyed doing it. When I started middle school I felt embarrassed and scared to sing or act. I didn’t believe in myself, or in what I could do in acting. I kept telling myself that you will be made a fool out of in school and you will look so dumb. But what I didn’t realize is that I shouldn’t care about what people think, I should do something to keep connected with my mom.

I have noticed when going into high school that they have an amazing theater program and I should try a class and be more open about acting. I still do become stressed about presenting in front of people because I want to be the best deep down but don’t want to embarrass myself as well. I think Figg has changed my view on acting and how you can express yourself; however, I still get nervous. The reason I am trying to get back into acting is that it is like presenting to a class, but without blocking. I start thinking to myself that everyone has to present sometime in their life, but acting will give you a more entertaining presentation to be apart of. I believe the people you meet in acting are more true to themselves and to others. In Acting 1 the amount of growth people have developed in being respectful, caring and selfless is shocking.

When I first noticed who was going to be in my class I muttered, “ Well great, this is gonna suck,” when really it became better over time. Once the class got used to how serious the performances were going to be, everyone became closer to one another; they also stopped judging others. When Figg made us sit in a circle and share our life path, I didn’t realize that she was trying to make all of us closer and open. During my other classes, I am more vibrant and free, because of Acting/Theater, and it’s because of how open I can be in Acting 1. Theater changed my perspective in all my other classes since I have opened up to people I never thought I would ever. 

When I look at why I thought theater was embarrassing, I think to myself and wish I could have changed my view, my opinion and gotten to know theater better. So I say Thank You Figg! I would have never changed my opinion and view of theater and actors/actresses. I really enjoyed your class and will do your class every year. I recommend every to do Acting 1, Tech Theater and many more. I love the way you have helped me realize my true self and who I should be, for me, not for others. 

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