“She Kills Monsters” Aerial Workshops

18156253_1396064853765002_2963608583471034066_oIt’s been a long time since the HHS theatre department has held Aerial specific workshops, but they have finally come back!!  We are pleased to announce that we are holding three different aerial workshop days for those interested in learning about the many different apparatus we use at HHS.  She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurers Edition is an amazing play about people fighting and kicking butt in the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons so lots of aerial play can happen with epic fights!  We want to make sure the Spring Play can be amazing by giving you all a jump start on the process.

The three dates for the workshops are:

Sunday, January 12
10am – noon
Noon – 2pm

Saturday, January 18

Saturday, January 25

17504344_1362856867085801_2074966540250202683_o.jpgEach workshop date will build from the last so make sure you can come to all three days. We are doing two different time slots each day so that we can get more students to learn if they want to.  We will only accept around 10 kids for each 2 hour time slot so that you have more time on the apparatus learning.

In order to sign-up to participate you need to pick up the permission form in the Black Box and get it signed by a parent. The ONLY WAY TO SIGN-UP FULLY is to turn in the form to Ms. Figg-Franzoi.

If you cannot attend all three days, don’t worry, talk to Ms. Figg-Franzoi and we’ll see what we can do.

16251935_1298596930178462_5490382912796947810_oFor the Aerial specific workshops:

  • Avoid loose clothing. Because it folds this can inhibit your movements
  • Wear tight and comfortable clothes
  • Jeans and shorts must be avoided
  • Prefer cotton fabrics because silk and synthetic ones will cause slipperiness
  • Select clothing without metal parts e.g. zips or belts, as it may cause damage to your equipment-especially in aerial silks. Additionally, they can get stuck and cause injuries
  • Remove your jewellery
  • Keep your hair in a bun or a pony-tail. Use elastic bands not plastic barrettes
  • Appropriate options are: a t-shirt, leggings, overalls, bodysuits and long-sleeved shirts

Extra tips for clothing:

17492632_1361949407176547_3011590324619862921_oAerial Hoop

Because using the back of the knee is the way to hang from the aerial hoop, it is important to wear clothing that keeps it protected. For extra protection wear long leggings that extend to the knee (legwarmers.) It is allowed to wear socks.

Aerial Silks

Ankles should be free, especially in the first courses. Socks increase the degree of difficulty so being barefoot gives you a better grip. Your back should be covered because this is the most common spot where burns happen. For extra protection wear two layers of clothes because of the pain caused by the tight aerial silk.


As in aerial hoops, the Trapeze is performed by using the back of the knee. So here you should wear long leggings for extra protection. You can wear socks or be barefoot. To protect your feet, ankles and lower legs from the burns you can get special leather legwarmers designed for Trapeze.

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