Come see “Big Fish the Musical”

Big Fish Banner

First premiered on Broadway in 2013, Big Fish The Musical has been a labor of love for the creative team and kids at Homestead High School. Adapted from the much-loved Daniel Wallace novel and Tim Burton movie, this story explores the tall-tales that Edward Bloom, played by the utterly brilliant and mesmerizing Jack Cannon, has spent a lifetime telling to his more practically inclined son, Will. However, as the final moments of Bloom’s life draw near, Will becomes compelled to understand the truth and delves into his father’s stories to see what he can decipher.

ABM02318Andrew Lippa’s music is the perfect vehicle for this show, led by the accomplished musical team of Alan Berry and Alan Williams. The music both drives the story forward and allows for moments of reflection that delve into life’s big questions. A fine example being “I Don’t Need A Roof”, sung by Sandra Bloom, played by Chloe Diamond who is a delight opposite Cannon. The cast is first class, with Ronnie Match as Will Bloom creating an interesting and complex relationship with his father, supported by his wife Josephine, played by the wonderful Kaet Sisney, helping to blur the lines between what we perceive as real and unreal.

Big Fish inspires something magical within your soul, exploring life and death, and the wonderful stories that pave the road between the two. This is exceptional storytelling that both soothes and stirs; reminding us all that whether we find ourselves in a paddling-pool or an ocean, everyone is a Big Fish with their own story to tell. This show is only around for a strictly limited run… I suggest putting on your swimmers and heading down to Homestead as fast as your fins will carry you!


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