Discovering Something New

By: Anna Head

People tell me I’m a good speaker and that I’d be great in theatre.  But there’s a subtle thing that’s missing. My confidence! I get nervous whenever I speak in front of my peers.  Why should I? December and sophomore year at Homestead, I’ve had enough. I need an art credit and acting is the only one available.  My heart drops straight to the floor when I think of acting. Never even thought I’d do this. What am I doing with myself? I changed my schedule last minute, as my counselor directed me to go to the black box.  I was like what in the heck is that? Where is this “black box” in the first place? While I walk down the hallways, I’m lost. I finally find it, and enter as tons of unfamiliar faces turn to me. I feel even more awkward now and immediately regret my decision.  I want to run away. Well, no turning back, unfortunately. However, I was in for a surprising awakening.  

At first, acting was hard for me to come out of my shell, but then all a sudden I said, “screw it.”   During the first day, we played a game. It is weird at first, but all of my classmates and I get to socialize and feel more comfortable around one another.  We had to stand up if the characteristic applies to us and then slide to a chair before someone else gets there. This broke the awkward tension between everyone and different friend groups.  As the class progressed, everyone felt a lot more comfortable sharing out and being themselves. This also occurred with the trimester. But the performing parts of this class seemed ways away.

By the time performing came up, I was a nervous wreck.  I practiced constantly, praying I will do okay. All of a sudden, the day is here.  I have to present it. While I went through the motions of my monologue, it wasn’t too bad; the whole audience froze. Is this what the spotlight feels like?  I also realized that acting isn’t so bad, and if I worked at it I will be fine. Acting can be fun and it has good morals overall. Even if we don’t necessarily enjoy one’s company, we learn to collaborate with one another.  We learn to lift one another up and root for others. Acting can be a bit nerve-wracking at times, and it is best when everyone is supportive. This class may be an art credit, but it is a lot more than that to me. It teaches skills essential for life.  In the real world, you need to present well and work with deadlines. Having confidence in any work atmosphere is key and important to thrive. Acting exposes you to this early on, so you are prepared for reality. My advice to you, even if you are shy, take this class!  Even if it scares you, you will regret it later. Because high school is where we learn and it is best to learn earlier on. So please strive to take this class, it will help you in the future.

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