Take Theatre Production Seminar!

Written by: Josh Kloss

You’ve exhausted the theatre class options; you’ve taken Tech Theatre, or perhaps you’ve acted your heart out in both Acting 1 and 2. Maybe you got to choreograph a dance and show it off to the world in Theatrical Dance. Or, maybe you took all of these classes already. So, what’s next? Luckily, Homestead offers Theatre Production Seminar, a class reserved for people that are seriously committed to creating their own theatrical piece of work, or cooperating with others to achieve that work.  

Theatre Seminar is designed to allow students such as yourself the independence to do whatever you want. If you’re looking to embark on your own solo project, Theatre Seminar will cater to you! In fact, during my time in Seminar I’ve seen a myriad of my friends and colleagues complete their own individual projects dealing with costume and set design. And for those who are eager to act even more for the remainder of the school year, the most common projects achieved in Seminar are student-run productions where you can act in, costume or build a set for, or even help direct and lead!

If you’re still curious about what you can do in Theatre Seminar, the students of years past can help illustrate what can be achieved. Back in the Spring of 2018, Seminar students put on two one act shows, 1984 and The Other Room, and an aerial dance performance video. Each student was able to participate in the show that they wanted, and each show was up to the discretion of the students involved. This year, our Seminar class prepares to showcase our two performances of No Exit and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Undoubtedly, the opportunities that Seminar grants to you are bountiful, without the stress of performing in a competition that comes from being a part of what I would consider Theatre Seminar’s sister class, One Act (and a class you may be considering taking as well). As the weather gets warmer and the jubilee of the final days of the school year set in, what better way to go out then with a low-pressure fifth hour class like Theatre Seminar? If you’re interested: get some friends together, sign-up for the class, and go create something amazing!

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