Things to know for the Spring Show

The Secret in the Wings

By Mary Zimmerman

Want to know what it’s about?


Don’t want to read the play… watch it here

This audition process, rehearsal process, and show will be nothing like the other shows this year, many of you will never have experienced a process like this, so allow yourselves to live in discomfort and new experiences.

If you want to define the type of show we will create, we’d define it as Physical Theatre


Feb 21-25 from 3-5pm in the Black Box, you don’t have to come to all of them, but the last two are very important, I will be casting the whole cast by the end of the Friday workshop.

How casting will happen: 

I have never done this with a mainstage, but I have with the One Acts, you won’t get a specific role when cast, you will only know that you are in the show. We will cast specific roles as we rehearse.  Everyone will be called every day as well, we will create movement sequences and teach each other as we go.  You might create something and then teach it to someone else to actually do for the show.  The process is very collaborative and rewarding, but can be stressful to people who either like being told what to do or don’t like being told ‘no.’

Here is the Rehearsal Calendar

If you want to see what you are getting yourself into, check out past rehearsal processes at HHS.  

Use the links below to watch videos of HHS students creating

Fall of Orpheus videos

HHS theater creation by students

The last time we did something like this was for “The Tempest” watch that show here:

HHS’s The Tempest

Completely student-created physical theatre play:

Written, directed, and acted by students


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