17 Rules to follow while Backstage.

17 Rules to follow while Backstage. Musketeer Style

  1. You’re in the way; MOVE, please.
  2. There are too many of you in the Green room. Our supply of oxygen is limited. Please leave the room.
  3. All that food is for the crew. BYOF
  4. “Quiet in the Green Room!” means you; Hush please.
  5. The crew is highly trained, intelligent technicians who know more than you do about backstage. Defer to their good judgment.
  6. The Actors know what their doing and where their going, let them through Crew.
  7. Being in theatre is an adventure. Rough it; get wet, have fun, relax!
  8. Making friends with the crew is classy and good for morale.
  9. Making friends with the actors classy and good for morale.
  10. NO PHONES!
  11. Everyone, cast, crews, directors are your friend, treat them accordingly. Invite them to lunch with you, ask for ideas, advice and feedback.
  12. The Stage Crew, Costume Crew and Make-up Crew are like the motorcycle gang members that Billy Jack fought. Unless you too were a Marine Sniper, do not mess with them.
  13. The actors in The Three Musketeers are trained combat artists, don’t mess with them, they have swords.
  14. If you are seated when asked to move, take your seat with you. Failure to do this just creates double work for stage crew.
  15. Stage crew members are not your personal slaves.
  16. Bring enough for everyone. This goes especially for Belgian Chocolates, fresh baked breads, frequent flyer miles and cappuccinos.
  17. Being the “Cool” member of the production is a status worth striving for. In future shows, everyone will recognize you and greet you. Many, will joke and crack wise with you. You want this… everyone wants this.

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