Why I do it.

Costume crew is not just a bunch of girls sitting around sewing and gossiping. It’s a group of dedicated people who choose to spend hours on end frantically fixing buttons so an actor can make their cue, running around to facilitate quick changes, and, well… sitting around sewing and gossiping. Hi. I’m Jenna, if we … More Why I do it.

Magical ‘Nights’ spins tales richly told

The magical stories of Shahrazad’s 1,001 Arabian Nights come to life with the simple combination of a storyteller’s hypnotic voice, a richly colored backdrop and some extraordinarily dexterous performances in the James Barr Auditorium at Homestead High School.  Adapter Dominic Cooke selects just four stories, ranging from the familiar Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves to the more … More Magical ‘Nights’ spins tales richly told

HHS 2015 Spring Play!

Students $7 Adults $8 Or Donate a children’s book and get $1 off your ticket!!! The HHS Seniors of the AVID program are collecting children’s books for the Books for Kids at Next Door foundation. The organization needs the following books: – Infant/toddler board books – Preschool picture/read to me type books (Dr. Suess, Eric … More HHS 2015 Spring Play!