Don’t Jinx it!

So, today was my first day at school with all the other teachers and all I could think about was the theatre season and year! If what we have accomplished this summer carries into the year then this year is going to be crazy!  Have you seen the line up of events for Drama Club? … More Don’t Jinx it!

Stop and look around

Ajax in Iraq tells the parallel stories of the eponymous Greek hero of Sophocles’ tragedy Ajax and a young female soldier in Iraq named AJ. Ajax, gripped by jealousy and anger and driven mad by the goddess Athena, slaughters a herd of livestock in a violent rage. Meanwhile, in contemporary Iraq, AJ experiences horrors that … More Stop and look around

Ajax in Iraq

A thought-provoking social statement about war and injustice, with compelling acting and an accomplished Directing production. Plato once said “only the dead have seen the end of war,” expressing with prophetic accuracy his belief that war would always be a constant in the history of human kind. And it’s precisely the topic of war and … More Ajax in Iraq

Saturday Mornings

I awoke too early for a Saturday, and rolled out of bed. I knew my students would be doing the same, most likely later then myself and without eating. So I gathering my ipod, dance clothes, laptop and wallet, jumped in the car and set out to find food for the 30 some high school … More Saturday Mornings