Dressing Up

“Acting is not about dressing up. Acting is about stripping bare. The whole essence of learning lines is to forget them so you can make them sound like you just thought of them that instant.” — Glenda Jackson


“I’ll never understand why funding for the arts is the first thing to get cut. Music is math. Theatre is English. Tech is science. Dance is physical education. The arts are everything.” – Jay Armstrong Johnson

the moment of crisis

“There is a Japanese word, ‘sat’. A theatre director once described the meaning of this word to me as the moment right before a performer walks onstage when the heart is racing with the knowledge that anything could happen, the moment right before creation, the moment of crisis. This is very close to the Sanskrit … More the moment of crisis

My Friend, Shakespeare

“Having spent so much of my life with Shakespeare’s world, passions and ideas in my head and in my mouth, he feels like a friend – someone who just went out of the room to get another bottle of wine.”   – Sir Patrick Stewart