3 weeks until Pippin.. It’s crunch time!

With only a few weeks until show time, it’s definitely starting to show that the entire cast and crew are getting a little antsy. There is a mix of anxiety and exhilaration running rampant through the theatre department. I can honestly say, however, that watching the musical unfold first hand has been amazing. Each day, there is so much progress by the entire cast. And not just their character development, but also development as actors and general.

Specifically, Andrew Minkin and Mackenzie Melan. They are two of the most talented singers I have ever met, and I was really excited to see how their acting would be! The two of them are really quite spectacular actors and I was pleasantly surprised. Andrew captures the waning innocence and growing curiosity about life within Pippin perfectly, whereas Mackenzie does an excellent job of bringing Pippin back down to earth and being the ideal love interest!

As for what the cast could work on, I really think it’s just being able to focus better and faster. I think that there is an excellent group of young people in the cast with amazing potential, but they are just all very social.  At the end of the day, they are wonderfully talented people. Whether it’s watching Katie bring even more life into Berthe, seeing Joe make Charles 20x more sassy than called for, or the rest of the cast bringing some fantastic gumption to each scene, I could not imagine a more perfect cast.

If you ask me, it feels like we will be starting tech week 2 weeks early. I think we’ve pretty much covered every aspect of the musical, now it’s just touching it up! Which really is amazing. Overall, there really is going to be a lot to look forward to in this show! There really is a little bit of Pippin in all of us, and it’s bound to be an amazing producton.

Post by Halee Newby (2014)

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