Painting the Floor

3 weeks ago, I spent my time before school and during lunch, painting the stage floor.  We were moving the set into place that night, so we wanted to paint the floor under it before placing it.  Lunch was filled with questions.

“What are you doing?”

“Are you allowed to do that?”

“Why is it so cool?”

Apparently watching me roll paint on the floor was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

To be fair, the last time we painted the floor any color but black, was back in the 90’s when we painted a white and pink checker board floor down, glossed it and put on a diner show.  So, everyone was very excited.  Yesterday, the floor was finished.  6 dedicated high school painters arrived at HHS in the morning to put down the white primer coat.  By noon they were done.  Pizza was ordered and Apples to Apples played.  1:30pm rolled around, the white was dry.  Now the fun part came along.

Remember as a child, you loved sticking your hand in paint and smooshing your fingers around? Was that just me?  Luckily, as a theatre person, I still get to do that.  We had decided earlier what the floor was going to look like, yellow with multi-colored paint splattered on it.  In order for this to look effective, we need to pour watered down paint on the still wet yellow paint.  Thus, began the flinging of paint.  Handfuls were dropped onto the stage.  Purple, pink, green, orange, blue, yellow, all watered down and tested by me.


I stuck my hand in the bucket and felt the paint and water.  Fabulous.  And we all had fun throwing paint around.  Working in sections, working together.  Laughing and being bonded by paint.

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