Hard Work

Last week, ah… last week.  It seems so calm and peaceful now, thinking back on it from a  rehearsal free weekend.  Monday marked out first run through of Act 2.  While is was fun to run, we all realized that we were very behind.  So, the days to follow were spent playing catch-up.

There were three moments I remember most about this week.

1. The whole song “No Time at all.”  I didn’t know what to do, no one seemed to get it, it was sloppy and steps were always forgotten.  I had taught this dance three separate times, and no one understood to kneel while Katie was talking, or that most people were in the windows singing.

So, Friday, I sent everyone away to work with Halee and Shelby (my assistant directors).  With Bethany’s (Fastrada) help, they perfected the song.  While I worked with the leads on their romantic scene, 30 HHS students were running around the Black Box.  At 6:32pm they showed my their work.

It was magical!  Perfect and so funny.  Everyone was proud of themselves at that moment.

2.  The second moment was in our big dance number “With You,”  a part of choreography wasn’t working for me. It looked sloppy and didn’t go with the theme of the song. So, I changed it 6 weeks into rehearsal.  But you know what?  They look amazing and love it.  So, sometimes I have to follow my instincts and not worry about them learning new things so late.

3. Glory, Meri Bobber’s number.  Was sloppy until Friday when they all sat down and fixed everything.  It is amazing what small things like that can do.  The power in small synchronized movements is fabulous.

But, we are back on track for next week, to start running the show!

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