Once upon a time in the land of Stage Crew
Lived two painters that everyone knew.
They painted sets as if they were pros
(Though they never could keep the paint off of their clothes).

One day Ms. Figg-Franzoi said, “Sam and Nikki,
I’d like you to make me a lovely bed tree.”
So that very day they decided to make
The most beautiful tree, whatever it would take.

They began with wire mesh and paper mache
To form the tree trunk. And on it they sprayed
Spray paint in colors of brown and yellow
And attached the base to wheels below.

They made the tree’s top out of wire,
Though some sort of leaves the tree did require.
So on top of the wire green fabric they draped
And soon their creation began to take shape.

They found a bed and built it into the tree
And it looked just like the director had dreamed.
But she, Sam, and Nikki all agreed
There was something else they would need.

Something special and something unique
To effectively tell how the tree came to be.
So they went on a search, and it was decided
There was no better way than through “Poetree.”

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