Last Day before opening!

So, today is the day, the last day before we open, the last rehearsal to get it right.  But as of last night, they all have it right!  “Treasure Island” is fabulous!  So full of energy!  The cast and crew found their energy and stayed focused throughout the whole show, it was wonderful.  Everyone was professional.  Will Dowsett didn’t even roll around on stage trying to get his leg brace off.

Although, that might be the funniest thing to see during the show, William laying on the ground trying desperately to free his bound leg.  He just rolls around, flailing around like a fish out of water.  Finally someone goes over and helps pull off the shorts binding him in and he can move, but it’s a good 5 minute struggle before he feels freedom.

With only 6 weeks of practice this show has turned out wonderfully!

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