Treasure Island

It’s Tech week, or as some people call tech weeks “Hell Week.”  Most of HHS’s tech weeks aren’t that bad, so the name doesn’t fit.  Today we shall see what still needs improvement and what we have perfected.  Last Friday I saw for the first time “Treasure Island” come to life on stage.  It’s so odd, seeing it performed and Friday was magical.  I leaned over to my assistant director Meghan Bolens and said, “I’m going to cry, this is what I envisioned when I wrote the play.”  It’s wonderful seeing your words come to life on stage.  The year of writing the play has finally been worth it.

Friday’s rehearsal was our “Extreme Through”  Which is where the actors take their characters nervous ticks, emotions and movements and exaggerate them to the extreme.  This rehearsal was so fun!  Meghan and I sat laughing the whole time as people found out interesting things about their characters and different ways of acting.  The energy needed for the show was there and all was right in the world.

Before Friday, the cast know I wasn’t happy with the state of the show, we were very far behind, lines not memorized, blocking not memorized and a general disinterest at actually acting.  But Friday rolled around they finally worked hard.  If this work ethic keeps up we will have a stellar show on our hands come Friday.

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