The smell of Crayons

Ah, the smell of school.  Really it’s a multitude of smells, crayons, markers, paper, glue…. the list goes on.  I went shopping last night for classroom supplies, the workers thought it was very cute, a teacher shopping.  After figuring out how to use the tax exempt forms and purchase orders, they sent me on my merry way with an empty cart.

Now, if anyone gives me a shopping cart I become a three year old again and basically surf down the aisles.  So, that was my fun for the evening.

But it gets better.

Normally when people think of buying school supplies, they in vision pencils, paper, binders, and markers.  I did buy markers,  but my school supplies consisted of 15 boxes of baby wipes, 20 packs of bobby pins, deodorant, hairspray, make-up wedges and highlighters.  The highlighters I never found, apparently people don’t use them anymore?

When it came time to finally check out they just laughed at me… I mean who buys bobby pins, baby wipes and make-up wedges?  The life of a theatre teacher.

Sadly I never bought any crayons.

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