One Act State Competition

This past weekend, Homestead High School’s cast and crew of “The Crucible” headed off to the One Act State Competition.  Out of over 50 schools, Homestead brought home the highest honor, the Critics Choice Award as well as four other awards.  Danielle Goodman won an Individual Acting Award for her role as Abigail Williams, while Max Ginkel won his Individual Acting Award for his portrayal of John Proctor.  The whole cast took home the Ensemble Acting Award, while Stage Crew walked away with the Crew Award for their amazing set and imaginative lighting and sound creations.  This is Homestead High School’s fourth year in a row where they won the Critics Choice Award.


John  Proctor-Max Ginkel
Elizabeth Proctor-Ali Balestrieri
Reverend Parris-Henry Ballesteros
Reverend Hale-Martin Bergquist
Abigail Williams-Danielle Goodman
Mary Warren- Kristyn Wiencek
Judge Danforth- Joe Schwalb
Giles Corey-Anthony Grisa
Francis Nurse-Daniel Scott
Rebecca Nurse-Noel Seaton
Mr. Cheever-Andrew Minkin
Betty Parris-Clare Baumgart
Mercy Lewis-Alex Gieske

Nathan Hunt
Sam Steinbrecher
Maddy Dierbeck

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