Ajax in Iraq

A thought-provoking social statement about war and injustice, with compelling acting and an accomplished Directing production. Plato once said “only the dead have seen the end of war,” expressing with prophetic accuracy his belief that war would always be a constant in the history of human kind. And it’s precisely the topic of war and … More Ajax in Iraq

When the Jokes Kill

MUSICAL COMEDY MURDERS OF 1940 by John Bishop Homestead High School Theatre Dept. Directed by Amelia Figg-Franzoi Stage Managed by Erin Meskmen Technical Direction by Wayne Peters Costume Design by HHS Costume Department Scenic Artistry by Fred Brown-Williamson Properties Design by Sam Steinbrecher and Max Mitchleson CAST Helsa Wenzel – Alex Gieske Elsa Von Grossenknueten … More When the Jokes Kill

Why Theatre Matters

Why does theatre matter to you? If you woke up tomorrow and found out that theatre was outlawed, how would you get lawmakers to bring it back? What does theatre mean to you? What Theatre Means to Me Let’s enter the terrifying hypothetical world of School X. School X is a normal public school, you … More Why Theatre Matters