First Tri leaves us…

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

–Buckminster Fuller

In the past two years we have heard a lot about Homestead’s new Trimester system and come Monday we will finish the 1st trimester ever at HHS.  It’s been a rough fall both professionally and personally, but the trimester did nothing to hinder that for me.  As someone who was a bit weary of her daunting classes and the completely different class topic every hour, I came out of the 1st tri with a smile glued to my face.  It took a week or two to remember when classes ended and figure out how I was going to grade and prep for all my classes in the time given to me (which didn’t actually happen, but that is neither here nor there).  But soon we all fell into the structure and learned to love Flex time, either because of the extra time to talk to teachers or because it was a funny name.  Either way, the system works.

We never really knew how broken our old system was until this one blossomed into something we never expected it to be.  For theatre, it allows my students and I to have more time together and less time worrying about cleaning up.  It’s been a great trimester and I will miss all my classes and students.  I hope next tri will bring the same smiley faces that I was blessed with this fall.

I can only hope.

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