College Essay Part 3

An old leather bound book sits on my desk –gold lettering, musky smell, and weighty with the knowledge it holds. My copy of William Shakespeare’s Complete Works. Every drama nerd has one, as a proud member of that minority, so do I. It looks used, yellowing pages bookmarked to highlight my favorite passages, ones that resonate with me. For most high school students the idea of Shakespeare triggers images of boring english teachers, tests, british accents, and general disgust. But for me Shakespeare’s plays have always been touching stories about power, love, sorrow, humour, and fate. His works delve into human nature in ways that many writers can’t; his words are still so relevant in our world today. Macbeth will still stab Duncan, Romeo will still die for Juliet, and the folly of man is as visible as it was to the Bard. When I see those words alive on stage, they become real for me –even more so when I act them out. Shakespeare gives his actors tremendous power. When I play one of his character on stage, I feel this rush of energy, while banishing my daughter (Duke Frederick, As You Like It) or playing a trick on my fairy queen (Oberon, A Midsummer Night’s Dream). I feel a rush of euphoria that no drug could match. Shakespeare’s works are an everlasting reminder of the strength performing brings, a symbol of the power words wield –as well as a badge of my nerdiness.

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