Life Skills

IMG_2832This is an interesting musical process, our Stage Crew and Tech Theatre classes are building sets for Brigadoon.  Stage crew has the harder job of making a house stand on stage without falling, but Tech Theatre also had a challenge.

The Tech Theatre class took two weeks to build and paint the bridge used in Brigadoon, and we had time left over, that I made them build to tables and canvas the hills on the set.  They get an hour each day to build and it has been amazing what they have accomplished.

IMG_3081Now Stage Crew has built a house…it’s pretty big and pretty cool.  We are also making rolling hills for the background.  It shall be wonderful.  This is a show where real life and story book can meet, so our sets look like they walked out of a Scottish fairytale.

IMG_4074I’m always amazed at what tech theatre and stage crew learn.  Two of our girls, Erin and Rachel now know electrical work, and have rewired the eclectics over the stage.  My IMG_2838teach theatre class now know how to use a drill and many different types of saws: panel saw, miter saw, jig saw.

The Wonderful World of Theatre strikes again and teaches life skills through fun activities!


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