Why Theatre Matters

Why does theatre matter to you? If you woke up tomorrow and found out that theatre was outlawed, how would you get lawmakers to bring it back?

What does theatre mean to you?

What Theatre Means to Me

Let’s enter the terrifying hypothetical world of School X. School X is a normal public school, you have your science wing, your english teacher, even a music department. But at School X all Theatre is outlawed in any shape or form. No acting classes, no stage crew, and absolutely no productions. Any students or teachers who defy this are jailed in the school dungeon. This might sound ridiculous but this was the situation at my old school. Ok, without the whole dungeon thing(that I know of). They didn’t have anything against theatre there just was no room for extracurriculars. No art, no music, no theatre.  This was really hard for me. Not because of the inability to perform- no theatre is so much more than that- it was essentially the lack of an outlet.  A safe and healthy conduit for expression.

To act, to stand in front of people and perform is to hold raw emotion in your hand and then release it. Grab your heart and soul and throw it on the ground in front of everyone. It’s also kind of fun.  The stage is a release for everything we bottle up. For me theatre isn’t about the applause, the process, or even the people, it is when emotion is in it’s purest form. To witness that is so spectacular and to be allowed to witness that emotion is truly intimate. The most powerful memories I have in theatre is when a scene is so moving that complete silence falls over the audience. They dare not move for fear of disturbing whatever magic is happening on stage. I do believe that it is every student’s right to be allowed into that magic. We are constantly in battle with our emotions, but theatre is that one moment when they are let free.  To not be given that opportunity is missing out on a chance to impress, be impressed, learn, grow, mature, have fun, touch others, and be touched. Theatre is a marketplace of the emotions, where similar people will gather to witness greatness or be great.

School X is making a mistake when they say we can do without, because truthfully I know what it’s like to have a theatre department and I know what it’s like not to, and when I think of schools taking it away I think of all the beautiful memories I’ve experienced vanishing. So I feel like I’ve exhausted this, but if you honestly don’t believe me there is only one thing I can say to you- go see a play.

By: Max Ginkel

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