Haley, Freshmen year for "The Pajama Game"
Haley, Freshmen year for “The Pajama Game”

Written By: Haley Wittchow (HHS 2014)

Yes there is magic in the theatre! Be it on Broadway, in Milwaukee, and YES at Homestead High School. Entering HHS, I knew it was important for me to be involved in a school activity. My freshman year, I auditioned for the winter musical on a whim and at the encouragement of friends, not knowing what to expect or if I even stood a chance to make the cut.

Haley, Sophomore year in "Pippin"
Haley, Sophomore year in “Pippin”

What was I thinking? A Musical? I had no theatre experience through my grade and middle school years and my best contribution would be my dance. To my surprise, I began an amazing high school journey that I truly cherish. Now into my junior year, I have never looked back. The friendships formed, the hard work and yes long hours cannot be measured in words but only in the heart. I love the magic I have experienced!

Haley playing the part of Maggie Anderson in "Brigadoon" as a Junior
Haley playing the part of Maggie Anderson in “Brigadoon” as a Junior



I will be honest in saying I wasn’t sure if I would audition for the musical in my sophomore year, yet I was drawn to the stage to be amongst friends and enjoy the experience yet again. My sophomore year of Acting I and Acting II classes to meet my Fine Arts graduation requirement reaffirmed that the stage is where I belonged. Not only for me, but for others that take the Acting classes, serve as a “spring board” for those students that may have not had the plays or musical on their high school “bucket list of things to do.” Not every student at HHS will be involved in an athletic activity and exposure to the theatre classes may give them that opportunity to see the magic of the theatre that I have so much enjoyed.

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