The Eclectic Musical

IMG_7809On Friday night of the Musical, I went out after the show with the other directors and some others of our friends.  We do this every year and talk late into the night about music, the musical, and anything else we can think of.  One of those topics was about how the musical is the one thing that brings people from all different backgrounds together.  Now, don’t quote us on this, but we couldn’t think of any other activity at HHS that could bring together such an eccentric group of people together, and that without this collection of people, the show could not go on.

Before we even start rehearsals, the adults are thinking very different things:

  1. How much lumber do I need for the show?
  2. Will anyone understand me if I say chasse chine?
  3. How many kids will join the pit this year?
  4. What am I going to do with all this a cappella singing?

Now add the 118 students involved in this endeavor and smile.  The special skills are mind-boggling:

  1. Pulling a bow across a stringed instrument
  2. Puncturing wood with screws
  3. Learning a highland reel
  4. Cutting patterns for skirts
  5. Hanging an ETC source 4 (stage light)
  6. Patching the sound system
  7. Playing a band instrument
  8. Dancing a paint brush across canvas
  9. Creating a corset
  10. Learn each line by rote
  11. Singing odd words
  12. Threading a needle
  13. Creating a work of art on an actors face
  14. Reading the language of music
  15. Jeté, Jeté, Jeté, pada bourrée

IMG_7664Without each and everyone’s different specialty, the show would not be good, would not be unique and would certainly not be a musical.  I have always know that what we do in the Fine Arts Department is pretty special, but the musical just proves that point over and over again each year.  It takes a special bread of people to be involved in a musical, and I’m glad I get to work with them each year.

One thought on “The Eclectic Musical

  1. There is that saying that for one day in every hundred years you stumble upon something that is magical. Indeed that is what happened this weekend at HHS with their performances of Brigadoon. Well done to the cast, orchestra pit, stage crew, music and orchestra directors and without being said to the theatre director bringing it all together. Thank Amelia for your vision to make it all happen. “From This Day On” I cannot wait to see what next year will bring.

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